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C O R P O R A T E    B A C K G R O U N D

Maritime Brokers and Consultants (MBC), specializing in brokerage and ship operations, was founded in 1972 and acquired by the Seatrade Transport International, Inc. (S.T.I.) group of companies in the late 1990s. S.T.I. is a private holding company with a portfolio consisting of commodity integrated enterprises operating in the steel, minerals, aggregates, logistics/supply chain (SCM) and distribution sectors.

M B C   &   Y O U R   C O M P A N Y

Our services are without direct cost to you. In return, MBC is granted the privilege of handling your shipment from start to finish, when ready. When business has been concluded, MBC’s commission is simply deducted from the freight you pay to the shipowners.

M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T   &   V I S I O N

MBC shares your vision. We act as your shipping department and do everything we can to make your shipping program successful. Our expansive network of solid, long-term customer relationships will aid us in creating business opportunities for you world-wide. Our experience and customer-oriented philosophy allows us to continually develop innovative and flexible solutions to meet your changing needs.


MBC’s goal is to help our clients plan and carry out an effective and cost-efficient shipping program. We will work together with your company to guide you through the labyrinth of shipping rules and practices, reducing your workload and saving you money. Our success is directly linked to the success of your shipping program. Our long-term partnerships, many lasting more than 25 years, are proof of our quality, dedication, and results.


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S H I P   C H A R T E R I N G

Maritime Brokers and Consultants (MBC) is a full-service marine transportation specialist for dry-bulk and break-bulk commodities. We act as advocates for our charterer clients - not the shipowners.
MBC will access our extensive network and knowledge base to help you see the “bigger picture” to better control the timing and quantity of your shipments. MBC will help you retain control of the transportation component of your shipment when you buy FOB (Free on Board) and sell CFR (Cost and Freight) .You control when the cargo is loaded. You receive all of the benefits, instead of your transaction counterpart.
However, MBC will also recognize the occasions when it is advantageous to you to allow your counterpart to do the chartering instead. In any scenario, MBC will be there to guide you through the process and ensure efficiency.        

C O N T R O L L E D   C O S T  &  F A C T O R S

MBC will help create opportunities for you to strategize and have the flexibility to lock in freight in advance in a rising market, or to fix at the last possible moment in a falling market.             
Often times a cargo is sold with a 10% tolerance. With volatile commodity prices, you will either want to minimize or maximize the quantity loaded, depending on your commercial considerations (i.e. sales price vs. spot price) in order to maximize profits.            
MBC will streamline your processes, allowing you to be able to charter the ship at your convenience according to your cargo reading or demand schedule, reducing the possibility of delays for trucks, railcars, and barges, and preventing expensive delays to vessels at the ports.

Other Services

Customer Services and Benefits

Our main services include:
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Ship Chartering (Full/Part Cargo)
  • Inland Logistics
  • Post Fixture Operations
  • Laytime Disputes
  • Consulting

Special Projects

Tailor-made solutions for your logistical needs of any complexity:
  • Supply Boats Chartering
  • Tankers/Product Tankers Chartering
  • Project Cargo
  • Door-To-Door Logistics
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Port Services


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1650 Lake Cook Road.
Deerfield, IL 60015 United States
1650 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

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